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3-Core Powerful Steaming
U-shaped Heating Band On The Top
*Coverage of steamer top and sides, automatic start in the process of steaming.
*Prevent condensate droplet from rising steam, ensure food taste.
*Dual-core heating coil on the bottom.
*Upgrading from single-tube heating to simultaneous heating of double tubes.
*φ145mm heating coil, 46% additional heating area than last generation of steamer.
*105℃ powerful steaming.
*3-core combined heating, temperature of inner cavity up to 105℃.
*Easy steaming of hot-cooking food.
40L Large Capacity
70% Additional Steaming Volume Than Last Generation Of Steamer
*Easy steaming of whole chicken or fish.
*3-layer large steaming trays.
*448mm*324mm large steaming tray.
*Steaming of 2 dishes at one time per tray.
Precision Water Level Control Technology
Electric Water Box Is Mounted Above The Steamer
*A touch of key pops up electric water box, to avoid heat loss from opening the steamer.
*1.4L volume, max. 2h steaming is realizable.
*Precision control of High/medium/low water levels.
*Precision control of water volume and heating mode, ensure cavity temperature and steam content.
*Avoid secondary repeated heating of steam water.
*Intelligent warning of water shortage.
*In case of water shortage during steam process, the system automatically alarms and shuts off.
Easy Cleaning System
Nano-Ceramic Heating Coil
*Better anticorrosion, scratch-resisting performance and clean-ability than SS material.
*Integrated punch-formed inner cavity, one-click cleaning.
Multidimensional Safeguards
Quadruple Dry-Heating Protections
*4 dry-heating protective devices enable multiple safety assurances.
*Intelligent door lock protection.
*Automatic locking during operation, avoid scald risk from accidental opening.
*Front radiation system.
*Exhaust of excess heat and steam, protect the system and maintain dry cupboard.